Meet TriBecca

Designed and built by hand in London by Velopresso, the coffee tricycle is a highly innovative and ultra-low carbon pedal-powered bike that requires no electricity. The beans for each cup of coffee are freshly ground to order by pedal-power.

Coffee with a soul

Tribecca Coffee uses Redemption Roasters 1847 blend.The coffee beans are roasted at Aylesbury Prison by Redemption Roasters who train young offenders to professional roasting and competition-level barista standard. Their work aims to reduce the rate of re-offending and to successfully re-integrate young offenders into society.

Commitment to the Environment

Sustainability is at the heart of Tribecca Coffee which is why all of our materials are sourced from Vegware. Made from plants and not plastic, every single component of your cup is fully compostable. The bike itself is highly sustainable. The coffee grinder is pedal-driven and no electricity is required to operate the bike.